Lifting Equipments

With over five decades of manufacturing experience, ATS ELGI is one of India’s top-ranked companies in the lifting equipment segment. We offer a wide range of quality and innovative lifting solutions that translate into savings in terms of power, time and money.

ATS ELGI lifts meet world-class quality and safety standards. We have the most advanced and reliable car lifts in the market today. We are the preferred choice for top auto manufacturers for workshops. In the hydraulic washing hoist segment also, we enjoy leadership position.

We assure our customers innovation, quality, durability, competitive pricing and prompt delivery.

Two Wheeler Lift

ATS ELGI’s two-wheeler lifts are the preferred choice for top auto manufacturer for their service stations. Our pneumatically operated two-wheeler lifts are well stabilized in the market; offering you to maximize your floor area by consuming less space.

Two Post Lifts

ATS ELGI in collaboration with MAHA Germany offers you, MAHA electro- mechanical two post lift. With high safety features and additional benefits it ensures that you save time, money and power.

ATS ELGI’s new asymmetrically designed lift which provides the mechanics with ample door clearance to accommodate all passenger cars. This translates into lot of savings in terms of power, time and money.

ATS ELGI Mechanical Hoist for 4 Wheelers raises vehicles to any comfortable working height up to 5.75 feet, leaving head room for complete under-chassis access. Ideal for muffler repair, rust proofing operation, transmission repair and any other repair calling for a wheel-free condition.

Four Post Lifts

The wheel alignment Four Post Hoist from ATS ELGI is the most advanced, reliable car hoist in the market today. It offers 100% safety and stability. You can raise a vehicle to a height of six feet with incredible speed. You can also adjust its height to suit your convenience.