Lubricating Equipments

We have lube pumps of various capacities for grease and oil dispensing. These lube pumps are broadly classified into two types: hand-operated and air-operated pumps. Hand-operated grease pumps are available in 5kg/10kg/20 kg drums capacity whereas, air-operated pumps have got drum capacity up to 200 kg. These high performance machines are suitable for pumping any grade of grease with optimum pressure ratio.

We have also developed oil pumps up to 200 kg drum capacity for oil lubrication requirements. The oil transfer pump has been indigenously designed for transferring oil from one barrel to another.

A model of our innovative thinking is the Auto Service Unit which is a unique development by the company where an air compressor, grease pumps and tyre inflators are equipped in single unit. ATS ELGI Auto Service Unit (ASU) is practically a small service station on wheels, ideal for servicing and maintaining different types of vehicles